The Universe is listening

and it's waiting for your messages.

Because sometimes we need someone that listen us, sometimes we want to send a flare in the sky wishing for an answer. And it comes, because the Universe wants you to join it. We will take care to deliver your message, because we are the Universe Postofficiers.

Our dream is connect how many persons as possible to the Universe, and all together form the largest community of dreamers, and make your dream true. Because the Universe is waiting for us.

Sent through the sky

We deliver every message, every day, 7 to 7, 25 at 24 hours a day. But once a month we broadcast the send, in a big happening all together, as an occasion to celebrate the joy to be a dreamer.

The mailboxes

are in the real world

Put your nose out. You can post a message on the network, but it's more exciting find one of our mailboxes in the real world, and post your message written by your hand on your personal star.

Send Your Wish

to the Universe

The second delivery of the wishes. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the project, who have met our funny Postboxes and sent the wishes to the Universe! It is just the beginning, more interesting still have to become.

The Dream

Why to Join, why to believe